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Executive Medical Director

The Executive Medical Director/ Chief Operating Officer will work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide medical and technical expertise in the operation of the Apheresis Center

  • Oversee the daytoday activities and operations of the Apheresis Center in accordance with professional and OUR standards of practice
  • Oversee the acquisition of AABB accreditation, and then oversee operations to ensure compliance with those standards
  • Develop and support new clinical and research protocols related to cellular therapies by understanding customer needs, determining product specifications, and then delivering products to customers that meet or exceed their expectations
  • Provide guidance to medical staff performing routine donor medical evaluations, obtaining and interpreting laboratory test results, reviewing proficiency, quality control, validation studies, review of apheresis center records, documenting deviations, and reporting occurrences
  • Provides consultation for health history questions, donor counseling, supervision of the administration of the mobilizing agent, supervision of the collection procedure, and followup of preintra and postdonation donor complications as needed 
  • Protect the health and safety of donor(s) and the safety of the product(s).
  • Identify and implement performance improvement opportunities related to cellular therapy tasks
  • Participate in Senior Management group, providing insight and vision in the field of cellular therapy; and the threats and opportunities for us in this area
  • Plans, organizes, implements, and helps controls Apheresis Center activities and operations; monitors operations to ensure standards and objectives are being met
  • Develops and helps implements limited or shortterm plans to keep operations moving smoothly.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience 
Expertise and experience in provision of donor medical issues related to eligibility, suitability Expertise in evaluating and correctly addressing preprocedure, intra procedure, and post procedure donor medical concerns and issues 
Expert knowledge of apheresis techniques and performance for cellular product collection and donor care
Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of associates, management, physicians, donors and their families/companions
Must be able to maintain confidentiality
Effective oral and written communication skills.
Ability to analyze, interpret, summarize, present results and perform standard data analysis Demonstrate strong organizational skills with attention to detail 
Ability to lead and motivate individuals and groups of people toward the accomplishment of work and organizational goals
Ability to plan and schedule tasks and projects and to maintain control of one’s own and othersworkflow
Ability to plan, design, and manage cellular therapy related projects within budget and on time
Ability to work both independently and within teams 
Must have proficient computer skills
Demonstrated ability to multitask 
Detailed knowledge of FDA regulations, and AABB, FDA and FACT standards for cellular therapies
Experience in preparing for and managing AABB, FDA, FACT and other regulatory inspections
Must have good customer service and interpersonal skills
Qualified Candidates should email resume and cover letter to