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Sr. Vice President, Commercial (Offer Accepted)

Every immune system has a story to tell— the key is knowing how to listen. Our goal is to meaningfully improve people’s lives by learning from the wisdom of their adaptive immune systems. It’s a bold objective that we’re uniquely built to achieve.

At Adaptive, you’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be part of an innovative organization making a real impact on improving the quality of life globally. No matter what your role is, you’ll find a diverse, team-driven, fun culture where your contributions truly count. 

Position Overview

Adaptive aims to translate the genetics of the adaptive immune system to create clinical products to improve the way in which diseases are both diagnosed and treated. Specific to diagnostics, we have a robust clinical pipeline that leverages our partnership with Microsoft executed in 2017 to use machine learning to accelerate our ability to connect receptors and antigens at scale to enable our vision of creating a blood test, called immunoSEQ Dx, for the early and accurate detection of many diseases at the same time.  

Our path to commercialization starts with an initial focus on diseases for which there is a high unmet medical need and the antigens are well-understood. To begin with, we are focused on ovarian cancer in high-risk women as a test case for oncology, celiac disease as an example for autoimmune disorders, and lyme disease as a starting point for infectious diseases. We already have two early clinical signals from celiac and lyme disease. We expect to confirm at least one of these clinical signals and initiate a clinical validation study by the end of 2019, with a path towards submission to FDA for our first indication in 2020.  

At this stage, we are looking to build a commercial organization under this leader of immunoSEQ Dx to develop the markets for the initial selected indications as well as pave a path forward for the potential for immunoSEQ Dx to fulfill a novel paradigm of being “one test with many results.” We envision a future where this map will enable a doctor to get a clear picture of what a patient’s immune system is seeing from a single blood test, and we are seeking a bold, innovative, entrepreneurial, out of the box thinker to help us to make this vision a reality.  

The Senior Vice President, Diagnostics, immunoSEQ Dx is responsible for building and leading a team of colleagues, inclusive of Sales & Marketing and other key commercial functions, to launch immunoSEQ Dx in the initial indication(s) and to work with medical and regulatory to devise a path forward for a “one test with many results” medium to longer term product positioning.  

Specifically, this innovative and results-oriented leader will also design and implement a national reimbursement strategy for public and national/regional commercial payers, they will assess the market and develop an appropriate account-based brand strategy, they will lead the team that activates and develops accounts and that ultimately generates the pull-through revenues that will help Adaptive achieve and exceed its stated goals.  

The successful candidate will have a proven record of effectively collaborating with the payer community, establishing strategic contracts for innovative healthcare products and/or services, establishing clear objectives, aligning field resources with strategic opportunities, and developing incentive programs which drive teams to success. Hands-on leadership is essential to maintaining cross-functional collaboration and motivating the team to develop new programs and resources which will drive adoption of Adaptive’s diagnostic products.   

The SVP, immunoSEQ Dx, will sit on Adaptive’s executive leadership team and will report to the President.  


  • Work with medical, regulatory, market access and commercial to formalize the go-to-market strategy for immunoSEQ Dx, inclusive of the initial indication set and preparing for the validation and roll out of the longer term product vision 
  • Integrate with and continue to develop the cross-functional alliance that has been built between Adaptive and Microsoft 
  • Ensure access to clinical samples and partners to expedite the creation of the antigen map 
  • In partnership with medical, institute key partnerships with integrated delivery networks, institutions, patient and payer organizations to develop and validate immunoSEQ Dx 
  • Develop network of key opinion leaders in each of the initial indications and more broadly with medical policy influencers to launch the product and grow it into “one test with many results” 
  • Provide commercial input to comp bio and software to guide data analyses 
  • Develop and implement payer strategies 
  • Develop the market, prepare for launch, and launch immunoSEQ Dx with top-notch team of sales professionals 
  • Lead and develop infrastructure to track, monitor and report on sales performance 
  • Collaborate closely across all functions to drive adoption and ensure effective customer management  


Skills, Abilities and Credentials 

  • At this stage, Adaptive is seeking a bold, innovative leader of teams who can productize one of the more promising data sets in history 
  • While familiarity with genomics and laboratory services will become necessary, we are open to meeting business leaders of varying backgrounds to identify the right leadership style and cultural fit  
  • Business travel is required for internal and external business meetings  


  • Bachelor’s Degree is required, MBA or other related graduate-level degree is preferred  
  • Strategic understanding of how to forecast capability requirements, build future capabilities, optimize talent and drive development 
  • Experience identifying new customer and partnership opportunities, determining optimal relationship conditions/model (licensing, co-promotion, acquisition), and executing these relationships 
  • A demonstrated history of sales effective and leadership 

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