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Cell Therapy

We are developing a proprietary class of engineered B cell medicines to unleash the power of cell therapies beyond cell-cell contact-dependent killing (e.g., CAR-T cells). As the centerpiece of the body’s non-contact dependent humoral immune system, B cells offer a platform for cell therapy that can secrete large amounts of diverse molecular cargo in a physiologically-regulated manner. B cell therapies  can act locally or systemically, can be safely repeat dosed without toxic pre-conditioning (as with, e.g., hematopoietic stem cell transplants), can readily target disease tissue, have a programmable lifetime that can range from days to decades, are easily accessible from peripheral blood, secrete a wide array of proteins, and can be enhanced with multiple functionalities via modifications at well-defined safe harbor sites. Be has pioneered proprietary manufacturing capabilities for rapid industrial-scale production and quality control.  Based on discoveries by David Rawlings, MD (Chief of Immunology, Seattle Children’s and U Washington) and Richard James, PhD (Assoc Prof of Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s and U Washington), and supported by a SAB including  Shiv Pillai, MD, PhD (pioneer in understanding B cell development, HMS), Frances Eun-Hyung Lee, MD (Emory), and entrepreneurs at Longwood Fund, we are developing a pipeline of engineered B cell medicines that can restore lost signaling, regulate disease-causing pathways, and promote defense. The company will demonstrate rapid proof-of-concept in genetically-defined monogenic disease, in parallel expanding to a broader set of applications across immune disease and oncology. We were founded in 2020 and is supported by a syndicate of leading biotech investors.