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Research Associates – Cell Engineer

We are looking to hire several Researchers for our newly created Cell Engineering Team. We are looking for highly motivated, experienced, and innovative thinkers to join our growing team of passionate researchers to leverage B cells as a novel class of cellular medicine. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a foundational team!

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Leads the development of our discovery-stage B cell engineering platform from the ground up
  • Pioneers the design, creation, sourcing, and execution of all necessary capabilities and know-how in a hands-on manner
  • Builds and retains a leading team of high-performing B cell engineers (scientists & RAs) that can realize the company‚Äôs goals
  • Works closely with the Chief Scientific Officer and other technical leads to define product specifications from desirable target product profiles
  • Leads development of R&D grade analytical methods that deeply profile the properties of attractive B cell populations
  • Ultimately responsible for delivery of R&D grade and scale material that meets product candidate specifications for preclinical testing in appropriate models
  • Consistently strives to improve capabilities with cutting edge techniques and tools

Experience, Education, Specialized Knowledge, and Skills:

Must thrive in a fast-paced, growing, and innovative environment where flexibility, resourcefulness, resiliency, and communication skills are key. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to develop important relationships with your stakeholders, and being an all around good company citizen are essential. Demonstrated ability to manage a high-performing team where collaboration and innovation are essential.

  • PhD in Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Immunology, Biology, or equivalent
  • 1-6 years of outstanding experience in leadership roles within leading biotech or pharma companies that are developing cell and/or gene therapies in discovery stage role
  • Demonstrable track record in cell engineering, especially primary human immune cells, using cutting edge genomic editing tools in a drug development environment
  • Expertise in advanced cell culture techniques, including familiarity with large-scale compatible manufacturing techniques and industry best practices
  • Expertise with viral vector engineering, including AAV, for use in ex vivo cell engineering
  • Familiarity with cutting edge standards and methodologies for cell medicine development
  • Background in B cell biology/immunology highly desirable

qualified candidates should send resume or CV to