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Machine Learning Engineer – Genomics

The candidate will be responsible to create, deploy and maintain machine learning models. In addition, the candidate will be responsible for end to end workflow of train, test and benchmark models. The candidate will also work on tools to help interpret and visualize raw data and model outputs. No prior knowledge of computational biology or experience in biotech industry is required. The candidate will be working closely with data scientists, machine learning engineers, bioinformatics group, and assay group. the candidate should have strong communication skills, attention to details and ability to work both independently and in a strong team environment.

Key responsibilities

Preprocessing of data sets and data clean up
Design and implement machine learning models on genomic and health related data sets
Create workflows for machine learning model development
Benchmark, deploy and maintain machine learning models
Analyze genomic data for feature selection
Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes
Develop processes and tools to assess model performance and accuracy
Collaborate closely with data scientists and software engineers to implement robust and scalable products
Research new technologies in machine learning, deep learning, and data visualization
Work with stakeholders throughout the organization

PhD or MSc + 5 years of experience in Computer Science, Statistics, Computational Biology, Scientific Computing or other relevant areas
Proficient in Python language
Working experience with Python modules for data science: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Scipy, Numpy
Familiar with machine learning modules in python such as PyTorch or Keras
Thorough understanding of variety of machine learning techniques with practical experience (clustering, decision trees, artificial neural networks, etc.)
Familiarity with genomic data types is a plus
Strong problem solving skills
Strong communication and collaboration skills


qualified candidates should email resume to