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Chief Executive Officer Bio

The Chief Executive Officer  will report to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for directing day-to-day operations for the company, including fundraising, business development, and overseeing scientific activities for the enterprise. This person will work collaboratively with other team members and the Board to accomplish the strategic business and project/product-related goals and milestones on time and within budget. The Chief Executive Officer will recruit and lead the overall C-level executive team and oversee all scientific, business, and fundraising activities.

In addition, the Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for crafting a compelling vision that is effectively communicated and sold, both internally and externally, to all appropriate constituencies. Therefore, it is imperative that this individual lead the vital role of evaluating, developing, refining, and implementing the corporate and scientific strategy that appropriately positions the company, its programs, and its unique scientific platform in the market. This individual must also possess well-developed leadership skills in order to motivate and retain high quality individuals while inspiring high achievement throughout the organization.

In summary, the Chief Executive Officer must be adept in an operating, as well as in a conceptual, mode and demonstrate the ability to simultaneously execute at a tactical level, provide long-term strategic direction for the organization, and effectively function as the lead corporate spokesperson and fundraiser for the company.


In terms of professional experience, this individual will have ideally served as a successful Chief Executive Officer or C-level executive of an early stage, growth-oriented biotechnology or biopharmaceutical company. S/he will ideally have had exposure to the ImmunoOncology space, and will have demonstrated an ability to deliver in the following areas:

  • Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a passion for creating groundbreaking, impactful therapies;
  • Experience with first-in-class therapeutics and or technology, preferably within the ImmunoOncology space, and particular exposure to tumor types;
  • Successfully raising the capital necessary from private and potentially public markets to support science and create value;
  • Identifying and carrying out potential partnerships of significance, including an ability to lead the team to successful business and corporate development deals of consequence;
  • Planning, prioritizing, and guiding the execution of research programs via a unified and cohesive scientific vision around the platform;
  • Translating scientific and development knowledge into business strategy that delivers significant value to patients, the company, stakeholders, and investors;
  • An ability to work effectively with the scientific founders and key scientists, and guide them through issues that need careful reflection and action in a timely fashion considered necessary for success;
  • A proven ability to evangelize the broader company vision and communicate through heightened interpersonal skills with the founders, executive management, external thought leaders, and investors; and
  • Effective engagement and networking with influential medical communities, key opinion leaders, advisory boards and potential partners for recruiting, collaborations, and partnerships.

At a personal level, the position requires heightened intelligence, mature business judgment, an elevated work ethic, personal warmth, and rich imagination. This person must also have sufficient self-confidence to effectively gain credibility not only within the company, but also with relevant constituencies outside . Therefore, decisiveness, creativity, executive presence, credibility, and pronounced leadership abilities are considered essential characteristics in the preferred candidate. Given the stage of the company, individuals who have a hands-on orientation, derived from having had at least some exposure to an early-stage company, is considered essential. At core, we are seeking an individual with experience in and passion for building a successful company from the ground-up.

From an educational perspective, an advanced degree such as a Ph.D., M.D., and/or M.B.A. is desired, but not required. It is understood that education, while important as an indicator of character, intellectual ability, and achievement, will be subordinate to personal qualities and professional accomplishments as variables in the selection process.

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